Environmental aspects of sustainability are energy efficiency and renewables, recycling & waste reduction, emissions (air, land, water, noise, odour), product lifecycle impact and use of local suppliers – by using local we reduce the need for extended transport and fuel usage.

The ingredients for a sustainable product should not only be harmless to the environment during production but ideally, also have a positive effect as well.

For our Olivvia Leather, the olive leaf extract is made from leaves that are a by-product of the food industry and are often burned. It is an entirely organic brew – it’s even edible – and therefore extremely clean. Finally, all of the waste from the process can be used as a natural fertiliser.

We also ensure that our shoes are easy to repair and renovate, meaning that fewer pairs contribute to landfill sites around the world. With fewer recycling centres around that can deal with shoe recycling, we must contribute to a greener future by providing other options.

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