The son of Walter Barltrop, born in 1869, Ernest was incredibly involved in the evolving design of our footwear. He devoted his life to making the name “Tricker’s” stand for the highest quality shoes and boots.

In 1904, our newest Northampton shoe factory was opened. This is where we still make all our footwear.

The Goodyear welted machine was later installed after Walter had returned from a buying trip visit to New York.

For our 190th anniversary last year, we reproduced a Tramping boot from our archives originally designed by Ernest.

Here’s a section is taken from the brochure written by Ernest.

“I designed the Tramping boots and shoes for those who have to tramp over wet grass and land on the farms of England. Through the swamps of West Africa and the dry cutting grass of East and South Africa and the various tropical climates. I made a definite resolution; I resolved that I would produce a boot that should have the maximum of strength yet be as soft as a slipper, absolutely waterproof from the top of the boot and have every ounce of superfluous weight eliminated”. While our country footwear underwent rapid development in the early years, it was during Ernest’s time when the progressions took place which is still in place today.

Ernest died in 1956 leaving Tricker’s to his son Don.

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