Economic aspects are often overlooked, and this includes good corporate governance, profit but not at the expense of the other pillars. A business like Tricker’s needs to ensure that we remain profitable so that we can continue to trade, otherwise, it has ongoing adverse effects on our staff, suppliers, and the local community.

We also consider the wider economic impact that our materials have. When producing from some renewable raw materials, it can often mean that it has a knock-on effect and the good intentions are undone down the line. Agricultural land used for sourcing materials may no longer be available for growing food, for example, so by using materials such as Olivvia leather which use ingredients that are already being produced anyway, it helps to lessen the negative economic impact and helps us build towards continued dedication to sustainable production processes.

When you find shoes that you love, you’ll want to keep them for as long as possible, so we only produce shoes that are built to last. Conserving and repairing, rather than simply buying something new and replacing, is at the heart of our manufacturing process, and when you purchase a Tricker’s shoe you have footwear that will stay with you for a long time.

Almost all elements of Tricker’s footwear can be repaired or replaced, and our Goodyear Welt construction means that it’s easy for us to do.

You can read more about our repairs and renovation here, and read our aftercare advice here to keep your shoes in great shape.

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