Social aspects of sustainability focus on behaviour that impacts people, such as giving back to the local community, growing sustainability in your community or where your products are used, fair hiring standards/ employee demographics, charitable giving, and employee health & wellbeing. We employ local workers, which reduces transport miles, we use local suppliers wherever we can, and we try to ensure that we’re continuing to grow the local community.

Whether it is appropriate that people have to labour under ignoble conditions when making a product is a question everyone needs to answer for themselves. Here at Tricker’s, we take great pride that we are 100% made in Northampton, using components sourced in the county where possible – such as our lasts which are made by Spring Line – and employing local craftsmen and factory operatives from the county.

We believe in training our staff in a trade, teaching them skills which will benefit not only themselves but their community and the country overall. A skilled workforce is the backbone of our economy, and we are committed to ensuring that the skills and quality that Tricker’s is renowned for is passed down through generations of our staff.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for us, as it has been for businesses all over the world, but throughout it we were keen to ensure the safety of our staff as our utmost priority. We closed the factory for a long time, even when told we could open, and only opened again when we were sure that we could provide a safe working environment for all of our employees. Sustaining a healthy, happy workforce is important to us, and the outcome of that is that we have been able to keep our team safe throughout this trying period, and allowed us to reopen the factory safely at the right time.

Where we source materials outside of our direct control, such as the Meditteranean regions, we also make sure that those we source from are fairly paid. In some regions, there have been new sources of income created from resources that we need, and we’re keen to encourage fair pay for all of our partners and suppliers.

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