The lining of a shoe surrounds the foot from all sides and its job is to keep your foot warm and dry whilst optimally regulating the moisture balance inside the shoe. The most natural shoe lining is leather. Tricker’s footwear is all lined with calfskin leather. The advantage of leather lining is its excellent breathability and moisture absorption capabilities.

Leather lining is also optimally suited for wearing our lightweight shoes barefoot in the summer. In addition, leather has the advantage that it is breathable, skin-friendly, supple, crack-resistant, robust, durable and retains its shape well.

The lining is where we hand write the inscription on your Tricker’s footwear.

The first line relates to a work ticket number that’s assigned to a job in our shoe factory. This work ticket is how the production is planned and lists the full specification of the footwear. The second line is the footwear style number. The third line is the style name. The last line is the size and all important width fitting.

Your Tricker’s may have an A or a B after the size, this is because we sometimes cut lots of orders at once and to make sure leathers aren’t from different skins, each skin would be assigned a letter. This means that when they are paired back up to be closed, all the A’s are together and B’s etc, so they are a true pair and not made from mixed skins but always the same. This ensures things like the grain and colour are the same.

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