Spring Line is a shoe last maker based in Northampton and is England’s only surviving shoe last maker.

In the early 80s, a company called Mobbs-Miller was one of the largest last makers in the world. Based in Northampton, they were buying up their competitors, but two men Ken Tipping and Bill Sanderson decided they wanted to set up on their own.

Since 1982, Spring Line has grown steadily but has managed to remain a small company. All of their designs are made by hand and they supply bulk plastic that lasts mainly for the UK market and initial lasts for UK companies who manufacture abroad.

Their bespoke shoe lasts are still carved by hand from wood using mainly hornbeam or beech and they also make wooden shoe trees from maple and beech which they supply to shoemakers all around the world.

Spring Line are proud to have members of staff who have been with them for decades, including some who started with them back on day one, in 1982.

Spring Line are proud to be seeing younger people wanting to learn their trade which they say gives them hope for the future of last-making.

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