13 October 2021, Northampton, England and Shanghai, China

Northampton Footwear Brand Tricker’s and its exclusive distribution partner in China, Melchers, formally opened the first-ever authorised service centre for Tricker’s shoes in China, adding new capabilities to enhance the customer experience and support sustainable growth of the Tricker’s brand in the market. The service centre is operated by Eternity Studio.

Tricker’s shoes are known for their durability and are made to last. Looked after properly and well maintained, there is no reason why a pair of Tricker’s should not last a lifetime. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, and the Tricker’s repairs department regularly restores shoes and boots that are more than 20 years old.

The service centre is the first of its kind for Tricker’s in China and is located at the Eternity Studio store at Shanghai’s Dingxi Road. It is equipped with professional and modern shoe maintenance and repair equipment and instruments. The service centre will provide customer education, repair, maintenance, and other after-sales services to the customers of Tricker’s products.

Martin Mason, Managing Director at R E Tricker Ltd commented:

“The best thing about quality shoes from Tricker’s is that they’re made from high-end, full-grain leathers, which not only last a long time, but also develop a beautiful patina. They show the story of your life through the stains, scratches, and scars of everyday wear

We want you to enjoy your Tricker’s footwear for as long as possible. Our footwear gains more beauty as the leather “upper” ages into a visibly well-loved, wholly unique, beautifully worn pair.

Tricker’s footwear only get better with age, building character over time and conforming to the contours of your feet.  In support of this, we are now able to offer a fully authorised repair and renovation service in Shanghai.

For us, the best example of our quality and heritage is when a customer tells us they have worn and loved a pair of Tricker’s footwear for over 30 years”

Mike Hofmann, Managing Director of Melchers China in Beijing said:

“Conscious consumerism has changed the way Chinese consumers select a product and engage with a brand. Sustainability always has been at the core of Tricker’s and one great aspect of the Goodyear welted Tricker’s footwear is their longevity.

The goal of the service centre is to be as close as possible to our customers to enhance their experience and engage in a dialogue. The service centre will bring many benefits to Tricker’s customers in terms of experience, quality and speed of service.”

Sheng Yong, Founder of Eternity Studio and Manager of Tricker’s Authorised Service Centre, said:

“It is a great honour to become the Authorized Service Centre of Tricker’s, the longest established shoemaker in England. Jointly working with Melchers, Tricker’s exclusive distribution partner in China, I believe we can provide better service for Tricker’s customers in China.

You never forget your first pair of Tricker’s. Each pair of Tricker’s has a story and a memory. Our mission is to continue the story and retain the memory. All of Tricker’s shoes and boots are Goodyear welted, preserved for a hundred years until today. Its essence is ‘easy to resole’. Therefore repair and maintenance are important and indispensable parts of all high-quality handmade shoes and boots.

We will stick to Tricker’s uncompromising craftsmanship standards, use the original parts and materials, and follow traditional techniques to restore shoes and boots to bring them back to life.”


Notes to Editors

About Tricker’s

The longest established shoemaker in England, R. E. Tricker Limited was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker (1810 -1879). A reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality and durability established Tricker’s as the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes to farm and estate owners and the landed gentry. Joseph Tricker’s uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and use of honest materials selected for durability and strength, are values that have been preserved and developed through five generations and are observed as resolutely today as they were in 1829. While Tricker’s country shoes and boots and their distinctive look are often imitated, they remain unrivalled in quality, personality and character. His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, confirmed this position in 1989 when he awarded Tricker’s his Royal Warrant.

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About Melchers

The Melchers China organization is a member of the globally operating Melchers Group. Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG is privately-owned and was founded by Carl Melchers (1781-1854) and Carl Focke in 1806. Establishing its first Asian branch in 1866 in Hong Kong, the company is engaged in doing business in Asia ever since. Melchers is a global company with a wide range of services and with trading know-how in diverse areas of business. The services cover the entire value chain – from product development and manufacture through sales and retailing to marketing and after-sales service. Other areas of business include importing and exporting to and from Asia and internal trading within Asia. The company’s success is based on more than two centuries of experience – including 155 years of trading with Asia – and a flexibly organised global network.

The demand for luxury goods on the Chinese market has been increasing with its economic growth. Melchers’ longstanding experience and knowledge on the Chinese retail landscape, deep understanding of local customer behaviour and well-established distribution network enables the company to offer tailored, and brand-oriented market approaches for its partners.

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About Eternity Studio

The founder of Eternity Studio, Mr. Sheng Yong, was born in a traditional craftsman family. His grandfather was engaged in needle making, had extraordinary skills, and contributed to the development of China’s needle-making industry. Mr. Sheng’s mother is a famous leather designer and technician in China and has won national awards many times. Due to his personal interest and the influence of his family, Mr. Sheng became one of the first handmade leather enthusiasts in China. He inherited his family’s handcraft skills and continued to learn from worldwide top craftsmen since 2004, such as Seiichi Koyashiki of Craft Gakuen, who is regarded as the first Master of leather carving in Japan, Robert Beard’s turtle & sand class, who is the main judge of world leather debut and 3D buffalo carving lesson from Kathy Flanagan, the winner of the Al Stohlman Award. After honing his skill set, he mastered various shoe and shoe hand-making techniques and serviced many luxury brands.

About Northampton

Northampton, situated in the heart of England, is a town renowned for its shoe industry – the history of which goes back hundreds of years. By 1642, the reputation of Northampton town had grown so much that 13 shoemakers were commissioned to produce 600 pairs of boots and 4000 pairs of shoes for England’s army. The order was fulfilled, and it was now known that the town possessed the ability to produce footwear on a large scale. The industry continued to flourish, and demand for Northampton shoes became so strong that by the year 1841 there were 1,821 shoemakers in the town. Tricker’s are proud to still be making footwear in Northampton, and its reputation as the home for fine welted footwear is now globally recognised.

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